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Established in 1958 , by Mr. Ahmed Darwich , in the fabulous city of Alexandria , Egypt . based on manufacturing and trading Egyptian imitation jewelry .

Participated in many trade show , inside and outside Egypt , the products of the company gained a great success worldwide .

In 1968 the company begin to export its products all over the world , and adding many new category to business .

In 1980 the company work in all kind of Egyptian goods related to the Great Pharaohs style .

In 1990 , after Mr. Ahmed Darwich was retired , Mr. Mostapha Darwich was in charge of the company .

In 1998 , the company established its own web site over the internet .

.Mr. Ahmed Darwich

Mr. Ahmed Darwich

( 1929 - 1993 )

Born in Alexandria , Egypt .(January 21th , 1929 ) A city had a variety of foreigner living in , Mr. Ahmed Darwich had the chance to learn a lot from this community . With the curiosity to learn , Mr. Darwich spoke many language ( English , French , Italian , Greek , Spanish , Esperanto and Arabic - mother language - ) .

In 1958 , Mr. Darwich establish his own company for manufacturing and trading all kinds of imitation jewelry . In 1960 he start to regain back the art of the great Pharaoh , and begin to make an imitation replica .

Participated in many local trade shows , he gained a good success .

Mr. Ahmed Darwich in a local trade show.


Mr. Ahmed Darwich with Mrs. El Sadat in a Trade Show

In 1970 , Mr. Darwich , start to participate in many trade show all over the world , also his products gained much reputation and admiration worldwide.


Mr. Ahmed Darwich (second from left) in Jablonec Trade Show 1974

In 1990 , Mr. Darwich decide to retired , few years after ( December 13th, 1993 ) he past , after a life full of success .


Mr. Mostapha Darwich

Born in Alexandria ( December 2nd , 1967 ) , Educated in a French school , College Saint Mark till he was graduated from high school ( 1985 ) , he begin working in his father company . Also study in Faculty of Engineer , Civil department till he was graduated in 1990 .

After His father Mr. Ahmed Darwich , decide to retired , Mr. Mostapha was in charge of the company , working in the same line and adding new items and category to the business .

In 1998 , Mr. Mostapha , recognize the importance of the Internet for business , and he decide to built the company web site .

During this period , Mr. Mostapha take many tours inside Egypt to get more knowledge about the Great Pharaohs ( lifestyle , history , science , tomb , temple and everything about them ) . Meanwhile visiting some other country , for business .


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